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This is being achieved by installing 25, solar panels, three 2. The project is part of a larger development covering the area between three cities. The site was built on vacant land with the majority of the houses having a north-south orientation to maximise sun exposure. The community, consisting of some homes as well as schools and businesses, also benefits from natural water filtration methods and retrieval tanks to recycle rainwater.

The project is part of the development covering the area between three cities. In order to achieve carbon-neutral status, 'Stad van de Zon' is fitted with 25, photovoltaic panels, three 2.

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The community, which is also home to schools and businesses, is built on previously vacant land surrounded by a lake. It has been designed to help create a community feel. Indeed, the layout of the development was carefully planned, with the majority of houses having a north-south orientation in order to maximise exposure to the sun. Residents also benefit from natural water filtration systems and retrieval tanks to collect and recycle rainwater.

to the sun and all the cities in between

The 25, photovoltaic panels produce 3. The entire location would normally emit 9, tonnes of CO2, however an annual reduction in carbon emissions of 2, tonnes of CO2 has been achieved by using the locally generated solar and wind energy. Look underneath the overpass to find a Metal Flower. They chat on the way. Erend breaks the door to get inside. Use your Focus to scan the room for clues.

City of the Sun (Frank Behr, #1) by David Levien

The rug in the corner of the room is your first one. Aloy will move it, uncovering an elaborately locked hatch.

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Head upstairs. Head to the ladder and climb it to the loft above. Aloy will push the stack of the ledge, destroying the hatch below. Jump down at your own risk, or take the long way around like a person who cares about safety. Head down to the secret room.

City of the Sun "everything is happening, the clouds have parted, I'm free"

Your first clue is a message past Erend on the left. Next up is a map on the wall. Examine it to learn of the places Olin has visited.

Talk to Erend to form a plan. Aloy comes to the conclusion she must go to the site Olin is and question him herself. The site north and slightly east of Meridian.