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Would you back out at the last minute to care for the family? In short, I'm not looking for talkers, I'm looking for fighters And if you are a fed, think twice.

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Think twice about the Constitution you are supposedly enforcing isn't "enforcing freedom" an oxymoron? McVeigh began announcing that he had progressed from the "propaganda" phase to the "action" phase. He wrote to his Michigan friend Gwenda Strider, "I have certain other 'militant' talents that are in short supply and greatly demanded. McVeigh later said he considered "a campaign of individual assassination," with "eligible" targets including Attorney General Janet Reno , Judge Walter S.

Smith Jr. After the bombing, he was ambivalent about his act; as he expressed in letters to his hometown newspaper, he sometimes wished he had carried out a series of assassinations against police and government officials instead. Murrah Federal Building just as its offices opened for the day. Before arriving, he stopped to light a two-minute fuse. At , a large explosion destroyed the north half of the building. It killed people, including nineteen children in the day care center on the second floor, and injured others.

McVeigh said that he had no knowledge that the federal offices ran a daycare center on the second floor of the building, and that he might have chosen a different target if he had known about it. To these people in Oklahoma who have lost a loved one, I'm sorry but it happens every day.

You're not the first mother to lose a kid, or the first grandparent to lose a grandson or a granddaughter.

It happens every day, somewhere in the world. I'm not going to go into that courtroom, curl into a fetal ball and cry just because the victims want me to do that. Cooper family.

On July 2, , Stephen D. Cooper died in in Washington County, Illinois. There are no death records for Stephen D. Cooper, no available cemetery stone, no newspaper accounts of his death. In applying for her military pension, his widow Hannah did not specify the date of his death. The most common method of travel west in that time was by the Oregon Trail, which started at St. Louis, ran across northern Missouri, then through the northeast corner of Kansas, and merged in Nebraska with a trail originating at the Missouri River in Council Bluffs.

Stephen Cooper, if he was the murder victim, would have had only a short trip from Randolph County, Illinois, to St.

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Louis — the place where the Oregon Trail began at the Mississippi. The Mormon Trail did not cross Polk County. However, Apple Grove John Doe and his fellow emigrants could not have followed that trail and traveled through Polk County. It is possible, however, that the murdered man and his companions followed either the Oregon or Mormon trails and turned north at some known path such as pioneer roads which became present day I, Highway 69, or Highway Who was traveling with the victim? Were they people he knew and began the journey with or were they individuals who formed a group as they traveled, picking up members along the way?

Many signs point to it being Stephen D. But whoever the murdered man is, those who knew are long-dead.

And unless some confession or bit of memory was preserved in a letter, diary, or oral communication, he will be unknown forever. Perhaps, the murder victim had stolen the U.

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Cavalry overcoat from Stephen D. Cooper because he was of similar build. Yes, the murder victim may have stolen the overcoat or even have bought it from Stephen D. That person would also have had to be the same age and have similar hair color. Or if they were a souvenir of status.

So many people would have handled it that any DNA found would be meaningless. Thank you for your comment and question! I am not aware of any efforts to locate the burial site but it would make an interesting project. Iowa Unsolved Murders: Historic Cases.

How Roosevelt Attacked Japan at Pearl Harbor

Canton flannel underwear. Cavalry overcoat. The Oregon Trail ran south of Iowa. June 28, at am. How do they feel about their own histories, and what are the backstage realities that have informed their lives and careers? Hear clips and read more about these just-released listens below, and keep an ear out for more in the fall from Prince the one and only , Patti Smith, and Liz Phair. Detailing the eventual splintering of punk into various sub-genres, John Doe and Tom DeSavia take listeners on a journey of west coast punk history and the rich cultural diversity of the movement and its characters.

Jefferson and Varina had six children; three died before reaching adulthood. Samuel Emory, born July 30, , was named after his grandfather; he died June 30, , of an undiagnosed disease. She married Joel Addison Hayes, Jr. She died on July 18, , at the age of Jefferson Davis, Jr. He died at age 21 because of yellow fever on October 16, , during an epidemic in the Mississippi River Valley that caused 20, deaths.


She was known as the Daughter of the Confederacy as she was born during the war. After her parents refused to let her marry into a northern abolitionist family, she never married. Davis had poor health for most of his life, including repeated bouts of malaria, battle wounds from fighting in the Mexican—American War and a chronic eye infection that made bright light painful.

He also had trigeminal neuralgia , a nerve disorder that causes severe pain in the face; it has been called one of the most painful known ailments. In the Mexican—American War began. Davis raised a volunteer regiment, the 1st Mississippi Rifles , becoming its colonel under the command of his former father-in-law, General Zachary Taylor. Colonel Davis sought to arm his regiment with the M Mississippi rifle.

At this time, smoothbore muskets were still the primary infantry weapon, and any unit with rifles was considered special and designated as such. President James K. Polk had promised Davis the weapons if he would remain in Congress long enough for an important vote on the Walker tariff. General Winfield Scott objected on the basis that the weapons were insufficiently tested. Davis insisted and called in his promise from Polk, and his regiment was armed with the rifles, making it particularly effective in combat.

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In September , Davis participated in the Battle of Monterrey , during which he led a successful charge on the La Teneria fort. In recognition of Davis's bravery and initiative, Taylor is reputed to have said, "My daughter, sir, was a better judge of men than I was. Davis declined the appointment, arguing that the Constitution gives the power of appointing militia officers to the states, not the federal government.

Honoring Davis's war service, Governor Albert G. Davis, also a Democrat, took his temporary seat on December 5, and in January he was elected by the state legislature to serve the remaining two years of the term. In , Senator Davis proposed and introduced an amendment the first of several to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that would have annexed most of northeastern Mexico, but it failed on a vote of 11 to Regarding Cuba , Davis declared that it "must be ours" to "increase the number of slaveholding constituencies.

Searching for a military leader for a filibuster expedition, they first offered command of the Cuban forces to General William J.

Worth , but he died before making his decision.