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Chenille Stem Stitchery. Although he was a world renowned artist, his work gives the impression it could have been created by a child. He felt some of the best ideas were inspired by the simplest things. In this project, students attach and weave Chenille Stems onto stitchery canvas to make simple shapes and designs.

Drapo Dazzle. Inspired by the sequinned banners of Haiti, students will make a banner of their own design using a variety of glittery, sparkly, shiny materials and brilliant colors. Use this opportunity to learn about the art and history of Haiti, a unique blend of African, French, Spanish and Native Caribbean cultures.

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Making Elemental Drawing Materials. Blick Art Materials was not around to provide art supplies 32, years ago, but, somehow, the earliest humans found a way to draw and paint on cave walls using materials made from basic elements all around them. Similar to the Paleolithic era, students will make their own drawing tools by transforming simple materials from the classroom, and then using them to communicate through images. No-Fire Nouveau Tiles. Beautiful pottery was mass-produced during this era, especially in the form of decorative tiles.

Tube lining — a technique in which a design outline was created first and then filled in with color — is the definitive look of Art Nouveau. If kiln-glazed ceramics are not an option for your environment, this project is a way to produce glossy, hand-painted tiles that look like the real thing. Altered Penny Carpet. Patches were then layered and stitched together to make a large piece.

Students create a Penny Carpet with fabric that they design themselves using monoprinting techniques and fabric paint. Each section is sewed to felt swatches, then joined to make a larger piece of art. EZ Grout Mosaics.

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Clay tiles are glued to a firm backboard and grouted with acrylic paint. This project is safe and simple enough for younger students and those with special needs. Metal Magic Journals. The magic is in the color!

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  • Wax Pastels adhere to the slick surface of tooling foil and stay there. Students explore tools and texture plates to create designs in lightweight metal, then, using simple page-binding techniques, assemble a lovely hardcover book to use for notes, sketches, journaling, scrapbooking or photos. Middle East Reflections. Geometric patterns occur in rich profusion throughout Islamic Cultures. This lesson is an invitation to look at the history and meaning behind patterns and view the work of a contemporary Iranian artist.

    Students design and assemble a reflective mosaic pattern using metallic papers on adhesive film. Easy and tidy Quilt Block Collage. In this lesson plan, students make a quilt block using paper and glue rather than fabric and stitching. Painted Story Quilt.

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    Quilt-making spans multiple centuries and cultures. It can teach math skills, record history, recycle cast-off materials and encourage cooperative efforts within a group This lesson looks at the story quilts of Faith Ringgold. She surrounds her narrative paintings with a quilted border, creating stories in color, texture, and pattern.

    Students select their own story to illustrate, then paint fabric using watersoluble pastels and watercolor.

    e-book Creative Craft Punch Art-Instructional Book(1)

    This project demonstrates the physical process of osmosis. Water-based markers are diluted by filtering water through an ordinary wet wipe. The flow of the color is slowed and channeled by the presence of oil and alchohol in the wipe, creating random and interesting tie-dye-type patterns. Earth Strata. The inside of the Earth holds hidden secrets very close to us, so dig a hole to uncover layers of mystery!

    A hole just 1" deep will show a very small example of soil strata or layers — including rocks, shells, fossils, geodes, water, oil and coal. This art project is based on geology but need not be scientifically accurate as students creatively incorporate texture and line. Persian and Navajo Rug Bookmarks. This lesson plan explains two diverse and beautiful style of textiles: Persian carpets and Navajo rugs. Similar colors and geometric shapes are two common elements of both.

    Photo Tinting. Turn a black and white photo into a "riot" of color! Tinting is a simple technique that challenges students of all ages to pay attention to detail, and even young children can do it with success. In this project, class pictures are enlarged, printed in black-and-white and tinted. The use of non-traditional colors is encouraged. Collect and recycle product wrappers for a "green" art project worthy of good-citizen attention! Students save and trade wrappers to make a paper background, then choose words and phrases related to their "rapper" collage and cut them from thin foam to create a printing plate.

    Souper Art. This is a whimsical introduction to nutrition and graphic design that invites students to make up an imaginary soup.

    National studies indicate that children eat about anything if the advertising is "crazy" or attractive to them, including vitamins and vegetables. Now its students' turn to entice peers to "buy" their soup!

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    • Anyone for Alligator Soup? Burlap Pastel Painting. This easily constructed project offers an exploration of texture, line and color — key elements of design. Younger children may take a more abstract approach with emphasis on texture and color. Older students will find the burlap easy to pull and the weave easy to manipulate, creating holes and lines.

      Subject matter such as buildings, landscapes and abstract designs are adaptable to varying grade levels. Plantable Pulp Cards. This is a great project for teaching recycling and renewal. Using a plastic stencil and screen, students make a shaped piece of handmade paper from cast-off scraps. Flower and vegetable seeds are added to the pulp. When dry, the rough-textured paper can be decorated with paint or drawing materials and glued to the front of a card. When planting season arrives, place the shape in the soil to make a beautiful garden.

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      Artists' Stamps. This lesson plan is designed to celebrate fine artists by honoring them with a "commemorative stamp. Solar-Powered Prints. A "cyanotype" is a photographic print made when UV light is exposed to a photo-sensitive paper. This lesson plan is a simple new process involving two safe and familiar classroom favorites — Nature Print Paper and Scratch Art. The finished arwork has the appearance of a linoleum block print — without the use of cutting tools or ink.

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      The Four Freedoms. During World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered a State of the Union speech in which he spoke of four basic freedoms he dreamed of being available to everyone in the world.